... turn off all filter settings by clicking to the button on FILTER caption.

... right mouse button click on the component date changes this calendar to the monthes or years

... add a new record (in any list) by double clicking on the empty space of this list

... edit a record (in any list) by double clicking on this selected record in the list

... select all transactions, assigned to the summary row by double clicking on it

... export summary table by popup menu (right mouse button clicking on the summary table)

... increase the window of the chart by clicking on the chart

... use formulas in amount field to calculate the sum (e.g. 1.23+4.56). After pressing ENTER this formula will be enumerated. You can use 4 basic math operators:
  • + (addition)
  • - (subtraction)
  • / (division)
  • * (mulitplication)


There exists on YouTube a few video tutorials about RQ Money. I confess, I am not an author of these videos. I am busy on many other activities on my free time - coding and testing program, creating web pages, e-mail correspondence, generating License keys, .... I strongly welcome this kind of the help of other willing users to create some video tutorials (mainly targeted to beginners). So if you create it, let me know about it, I will add a link to this page to your video.

Tutorials in Portugese language

There is a video serial (has 9 parts) detailing all operations.
Brazilian author: Luis Reinaldo Sciena
Luis, my deepest THANK YOU for your effort. Great job!

  • Módulo 1 - Apresentação, download, instalação e configuração
  • Módulo 2 - Definição de Transação (débito, crédito e transferência), o Ambiente de Trabalho, Listas, Pessoas e Contas.
  • Módulo 3 - Listas - Categorias, Beneficiários, Descrições, Moeda, Notas e Feriados (Dias Festivos)
  • Módulo 4 - Registro e Edição de Transações.
  • Módulo 5 - Painéis Transações, Resumo e Gráficos
  • Módulo 6 - Painel Filtro, Exportação de Dados e Impressão de Relatórios
  • Módulo 7 - Agenda (controle das contas a pagar)
  • Módulo 8 - Orçamento (previsão orçamentária), Estatísticas e Contador Caixa
  • Módulo 9 - SQLite, Propriedade, Opções e Programa.


Delete file RQMONEY.INI and run program again.
Download program RQMONEY.ZIP again and unzip it correctly to the optional folder. Run program again.
If you have got the program on the disk C:\USERS\ or C:\PROGRAM FILES\, replace it rather to the other location (e.g. D:\RQMONEY\ or C:\RQMONEY\). System Windows sometimes does not allow to write to this two folders, especially if the user has not got full administrator rights...
If you have another disk partition (except C:\), it is a good idea to place your program rather to this other partition (e.g. D:\RQMONEY\). If you once will become an owner of the License key, the key will be generated to the partition (in our case D:\). If you sometimes format your C:\ partition (due the damaged or too slow system), you don't need to order a new License key each time.
If you feel, that some transactions are missing in the main window, the reason may be:
  • used filter (turn it off by clicking on the button on the caption FILTER) or
  • some account(s), marked as "archive" (in this case are not shown transactions of archived accounts). Just check off this archive attribute on each account, all its transactions will be shown in the main window.