If you start using program for the first time, unzip all files from packed file (ZIP) to your hard-disk to some folder (eg. D:\RQMONEY or C:\RQMONEY) and run program (file RQMONEY.EXE). In first dialogue window you can set language of program (default is English). Save your language setting and start to work with program - create new database or open existing database (e.g. demo database in folder DEMO).

If you used program in version older then 1.3 and want to upgrade to version 2.x, first of all upgrade to version 1.3 (is better prepared for upgrade to version 2.x). You can upgrade from version 1.3 to 2.x in menu DATABASE / OPEN (choose extension DB instead of RQM). Version 2.x is much modern, faster and better then previous versions.

Unzip all files from downloaded ZIP file to existing folder (replace all older files with newer).


This licence agreement only applies to the program RQ Money.


By downloading, installing, using, transmitting, distributing or copying this software, you agree to the terms of this agreement (including the software licence and disclaimer of warranty) with Slavomir Svetlik the owner of all rights in respect of the software.

Please read this document carefully before using the software.

If you do not agree to any of the terms of this licence then do not download, install, use, transmit, distribute or copy the software.

This document constitutes a licence to use the software on the terms and conditions appearing below.

The Software is licensed to you without charge for use only upon the terms of this licence, and owner reserves all rights not expressly granted to you. owner retains ownership of all copies of the Software.

1. License

You may use the Software without charge. You may distribute exact copies of the Software to anyone.

2. Restrictions

Owner reserves the right to revoke the above distribution right at any time, for any or no reason.

You may not modify, adapt, translate, rent, lease, loan, sell, request donations or create derivate works based upon the software or any part thereof.

The Software contains trade secrets and to protect them you may not decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble or otherwise reduce the Software to a humanly perceivable form. You agree not to divulge, directly or indirectly, until such trade secrets cease to be confidential, for any reason not your own fault.

3. Termination

This licence is effective until terminated. The Licence will terminate automatically without notice from owner if you fail to comply with any provision of this Licence. Upon termination you must destroy the Software and all copies thereof. You may terminate this Licence at any time by destroying the Software and all copies thereof. Upon termination of this licence for any reason you shall continue to be bound by the provisions of Section 2 above. Termination will be without prejudice to any rights owner may have as a result of this agreement.

4. Disclaimer of warranty, limitation of remedies

To the full extent permitted by law, owner hereby excludes all conditions and warranties, whether imposed by statute or by operation of law or otherwise, not expressly set out herein. The software, and all accompanying files, data and materials are distributed "as is" and with no warranties of any kind, whether express or implied. Owner does not warrant, guarantee or make any representations regarding the use, or the results of the use, of the software with respect to its correctness, accuracy, reliability, currentness or otherwise. The entire risk of using the software is assumed by you. Owner makes no express or implied warranties or conditions including, without limitation, the warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose with respect to the software. No oral or written information or advice given by owner, it's distributors, agents or employees shall create a warranty, and you may not rely on any such information or advice.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Nothing in this Agreement is intended or shall be construed as excluding or modifying any statutory rights, warranties or conditions which by virtue of any national or state Fair Trading, Trade Practices or other such consumer legislation may not be modified or excluded. If permitted by such legislation, however, owner liability for any breach of any such warranty or condition shall be and is hereby limited to the supply of the Software licensed hereunder again as owner at its sole discretion may determine to be necessary to correct the said breach.

In no event shall owner be liable for any special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages (including, without limitation, damages for loss of business profits, business interruption, and the loss of business information or computer programs), even if owner or any owner representative has been advised of the possibility of such damages. In addition, in no event does owner authorise you to use the software in situations where failure of the software to perform can reasonably be expected to result in a physical injury, or in loss of life. Any such use by you is entirely at your own risk, and you agree to hold owner harmless from any claims or losses relating to such unauthorised use.


Before download, read carefully all informations on the right pane about program INSTALLATION and LICENSE agreement, please. Also notice all advantages of the donors in the section DONATION.


Version: 2.4.1 (stable)
License: freeware
Date: December 25, 2016
Size: 3,35 Mb
Requirements: win xp and newer
Languages (alphabetically): Czech, Dutch, English, Italian, Polish, Portuguese-Pt, Russian, Slovak, Spanish.

It is the latest version, created in modern programming language Delphi. Instead of older version 1.3 this one contents some new features too (see section History) and corrections. In case that main link is broken only (!), use this mirror


Version: 2.3.2 (stable)
License: freeware
Date: April 27, 2014
Size: 3,7 Mb
Requirements: win xp and newer
Languages (alphabetically): Czech, Dutch, English, Italian, Polish, Portuguese-Pt, Russian, Slovak, Spanish. Note: Very good stable version of the program, which allows to convert very old version 1.3 to 2.x (version 2.4.0 and higher does not allow it).

Version: 1.3 (stable)
License: freeware
Date: April 5, 2009
Size: 0,9 Mb
Languages: Croatian, Czech, English, German, Greek, Hungarian, Chinese (traditional), Italian, Polish, Portugal-Brazilian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish.

Note: Older, but still very good and stable version of program, created in programming language RapidQ. It's development was stopped.

Version 1.3 contents 2 bugs:

critical - if you choose back up to the same folder as is database, this database will be deleted. You have to choose other folder then database folder - the best is use other disk too!

visual - if you switch between many applications (eg. RQ Money and internet), it doesn't appear correct decimal numbers. In this case just close RQ Money and start it again.


If you find bug in RQ Money, you can send a report to the author via discussing forum. It could by good, if you check whether this bug is already solved in forum or not. Please, in the report send to the author following informations:

  • detailed error description (to simulate it by the author),
  • version of RQ Money (see menu About program),
  • Windows version.