Software development takes time and money. RQ Money is no exception. The author has spent many hours on its development and financed this project for many years (buying hardware and software, domain rent or electricity consumption). Over the years there have been many users who willingly donated money or web space to RQ Money.

The author has decided to reward donors by issuing LICENSE KEYS/1. With a License key the user retains some valuable functions, which are disabled when the users database reaches 2000 transactions (credits, debits or transfers).

After that, without an activated license, the following functions are disabled
  • back up function,
  • mass edit function,
  • export of modules Statistics and SummaryX,
  • import of the bank statements.

These disabled functions are not essential for the basic use of the program and the user need not worry about loss of primary functioning or data. The program can still performs its primary functions. (after all, it is a freeware!).

At transaction 2000, a dialogue shows stating that some functions will now be disabled and that a License Key is required to restore the backup capability. A donation of 10 EUR (or 14 USD) can be made via PayPal account or direct bank transfer (to the Fio Bank).

An individual License key is NOT PORTABLE!, it applies to only one hard disk, or USB key. But the donor will be issued with 5 LICENSE KEYS in case, he wants to use the program on other PC, hard disk, or after a crash or disk reformatting. PRACTICAL ADWISE: It is better to install the program to a disk partition D:\ instead of C:\ since the C:\ partition is more prone to reformatting due to operating system malfunctions (and the serial number of this partition is always changed). If the program is on disk D:\ you won't have to use a new License keys so often.

1) The License key is simple file (named LICENSE.KEY) which is emailed from the author to the donor. The donor has to place the file in the same folder as the program file RQMONEY.EXE.


PayPal is the most common way of transferring money online.

If you choose this action, click on the upper button DONATE.


fiobanka.png Or you can also use classical SEPA transfer (in currency EUR) from your bank account to the Fio bank.


SK21 8330 0000 0024 0019 8852
Write to the message for the receiver your e-mail address (to confirm you the received payment).